How Many FPS Do 45 lb Recurve Bows Shoot?

How Many FPS Do 45 lb Recurve Bows Shoot

When it comes to recurve bows, one common question that arises is, “How many feet per second (FPS) does a 45 lb recurve bow shoot?” The speed at which an arrow is propelled from a bow can significantly impact its trajectory, accuracy, and effectiveness. How many FPS do 45 lb recurve bows shoot? This comprehensive guide will explore the factors influencing the FPS of a 45 lb recurve bow. Whether you’re a beginner archer or a seasoned enthusiast, this guide will provide valuable insights into the speed capabilities of a 45 lb recurve bow.

Understanding Draw Weight

How many FPS do 45 lb recurve bows shoot? Before delving into the FPS of a 45 lb recurve bow, it’s essential to understand the concept of draw weight. Draw weight refers to the force required to pull the bowstring back to its full draw length. It is measured in pounds (lb) and is a crucial factor in determining the power and performance of a recurve bow. A 45 lb draw weight requires 45 pounds of force to draw the bowstring to its specified draw length.

Factors Affecting Arrow Speed

How many FPS do 45 lb recurve bows shoot? Several factors influence the speed at which an arrow is shot from a recurve bow:

  1. Draw Length: The draw length plays a significant role in arrow speed. A longer draw length allows the bowstring to be pulled back farther, resulting in higher potential energy and faster arrow speed.
  2. Bow Efficiency: The design and efficiency of the recurve bow also affect arrow speed. Bows with well-tuned limbs, a well-designed riser, and an efficient string system can transfer more energy to the arrow, resulting in higher speeds.
  3. Arrow Weight: The arrow’s weight impacts the speed it can achieve. Lighter arrows travel faster than heavier ones, requiring less energy to propel.
  4. Arrow Length: The length of the arrow can also influence its speed. Longer arrows generally have a larger surface area, causing increased air resistance and potentially reducing overall speed.

Estimated FPS for a 45 lb Recurve Bow

While it is challenging to provide an exact FPS value for a 45 lb recurve bow due to the various factors involved, we can estimate the range of speeds typically achieved:

  1. Beginner Level: For a beginner archer with a 45 lb draw weight shooting a well-tuned and efficient recurve bow, the average FPS range could be between 150 to 180 FPS. These speeds are influenced by draw length, arrow weight, and arrow length.
  2. Intermediate Level: As archers progress in skill and form, their efficiency in shooting improves, resulting in higher arrow speeds. An intermediate archer shooting a 45 lb recurve bow can typically achieve speeds ranging from 180 to 210 FPS. This assumes proper form, a consistent draw length, and appropriately matched arrows.
  3. Advanced Level: Experienced archers with refined shooting techniques and equipment can reach even higher speeds. An advanced archer shooting a 45 lb recurve bow may achieve speeds between 210 and 240 FPS. These archers often optimize their equipment setup, including arrow selection, bow tuning, and draw length consistency.

It’s important to note that these FPS ranges are approximate and can vary based on individual shooting form, equipment quality, and other factors. Additionally, measuring arrow speed accurately requires specialized equipment such as a chronograph.

Improving Arrow Speed

If you’re looking to increase the speed of your arrows with a 45 lb recurve bow, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Optimize Draw Length: Ensure you consistently draw the bowstring to your full draw length. This maximizes the potential energy transferred to the arrow, resulting in increased speed.
  2. Choose Lightweight Arrows: Select arrows that are specifically designed for speed. Lightweight carbon arrows are commonly used for their ability to reduce mass and increase arrow velocity. Consider arrows with lower grain per inch (GPI) measurements.
  3. Proper Arrow Spine: Use arrows with the correct spine for your bow’s draw weight. Arrows with an incorrect spine may not flex properly upon release, reducing speed and accuracy. Consult an expert or refer to arrow manufacturer charts to determine the right spine for your setup.
  4. Bow Maintenance and Tuning: Regularly maintain and tune your recurve bow to ensure optimal performance. Proper limb alignment, brace height adjustment, and string condition can all contribute to maximizing arrow speed.
  5. Consistent Form and Release: Focus on developing consistent shooting form and a smooth release. A consistent anchor point, proper hand placement, and a relaxed release can improve energy transfer and enhance arrow speed.
  6. Consider Higher Poundage Bows: If you want increased arrow speed, consider upgrading to a higher draw-weight bow. Bows with higher poundage have the potential to generate greater energy and propel arrows at higher speeds. However, ensuring you have the strength and technique to handle the increased draw weight safely and comfortably is crucial.


How many FPS do 45 lb recurve bows shoot? Determining the exact FPS of a 45 lb recurve bow can be challenging due to various factors. However, with proper form, optimized equipment, and right arrows, archers can achieve speeds ranging from 150 to 240 FPS. It’s important to note that speed is not the sole determinant of accuracy or shooting proficiency. Consistency, precision, and shot placement are equally important aspects of archery.

How many FPS do 45 lb recurve bows shoot? Remember to focus on developing your skills, maintaining your equipment, and selecting the appropriate arrows for your specific shooting style and purpose. Experimentation and consultation with experienced archers or professionals can provide valuable insights to enhance your speed and overall archery experience.

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